Smart Workspace

Our smart workplace app, sesame®,
provides access to services and
amenities, contactless access control
and interface with the building.

Effortlessly involved

sesame will help you discover local offers,
events and new openings and connect
you with others at wells&more via the
community platform.

Effortlessly secure

sesame is a single point of
contactless access for you.

Contactless access

Offers & events

Lift access control



Local amenities



Life with GPE

At GPE, we live by our four core values to make sure that we deliver sustainable nurturing spaces for your business to thrive

Greater choice

Our customers and their desire for choice drive every decision we make at GPE. From where our properties are located to how they are managed. We unlock the potential for thriving, sustainable communities to experience great choice in London’s most exceptional places.

Driving innovation

We embrace change and champion technology to drive performance, environmental efficiency and create more healthy and sustainable communities. With sesame, our smart workplace app, a dedicated lifestyle manager is on hand 24/7 and our building communities can meet, interact and enjoy their building outside of work.

Trusted Partners

We believe in the power of people and partnerships to create exceptional, climate-conscious places that deliver for our customers. Our efforts allow our customers to make more of every day, so they can focus on their business while we get on with the rest.

Future London

Seamlessly managed, tech-savvy buildings with memorable welcome experiences, plenty of space for agile working and designed with London’s future in mind. We are building a sustainable legacy for this great city and committing to London’s future, creating space for a thriving economy with positive social impact at the very heart of it.

In 2023 we achieved a Net Promoter Score of +44.0. This significantly outperforms the industry average of +3.8.

*Net Promoter Score is the willingness of our occupiers to recommend GPE - scores are between a minimum of -100 and a maximum of +100.