33,600 sq ft of beautifully reimagined workspace in the heart of Fitzrovia.
Two 16,800 sq ft floors available.

This is wells&more.

A warm welcome

A concierge style
coffee bar welcome.

Private courtyard

Beautiful courtyard with
retractable covering for
year-round use.

New workspace

Ready to fit space or we can
design and fit it for you and
even fully manage it.

Workplace app

With sesame®, our smart
workplace app, you’ll have time
to make more of every day.

Business lounge

Agile working zones to break
away from your desk.

Keeping it fresh

Excellent end of journey
facilities for cyclists and
active commuters.

Perfectly located

In the heart of Fitzrovia.

Easily connected

Serviced by five
underground stations and
the Elizabeth Line.


Ground Floor & Reception

Experience a wells&more welcome.

  • Elegant hospitality led welcome experience
  • Designed by Conran and Partners
  • Integrated coffee bar
  • Variety of agile workspaces
  • Flexible event space
  • 4,327 sq ft


The Courtyard

An outdoor oasis of tranquillity.

  • 2,000 sq ft multi-functional space
  • Retractable covering for year-round use
  • Feature green wall and ambient lighting

Ready to Fit

First and Second Floors

Step into a brand-new space that’s ready for you to design, build and manage, just how you want it.

Our Ready to Fit offering provides ample flexibility for you to design and build the space that’s just right for you and your people.



Commuter Facilities

High quality end of journey facilities for active commuters.

  • Dedicated entrance from Wells Street
  • Secure cycle storage
  • Changing and shower facilities
  • Generous locker space

38 secure
cycle spaces

104 lockers

Ready to Fit

Summary Specification (Draft Technical Summary)

  Air Conditioning
  • Fresh Air Provision: 12l/s per person @ 10m 2 / person.
  • Cooling Provision: 10m 2 / person with an additional 10W/m 2 available via. chilled water circuits for future tenant enhancements.
  • Capacity is provided via. 3 x 1,000kg / 13-person passenger lifts located in the central atrium.
  • Goods Lift Capacity: 13 persons / 1,000kg
  Toilet Provisions (building wide)
  • Toilets are accessed via communal lift cores on each level.
  • The provision across the whole building at an occupancy of 10m 2 / person inclusive of accessible WCs.
  Means of Escape
  • Third floor: 6.25m / person
  • Further details are set out in the fire strategy review by Fire Engineers JGA Jensen Hughes dated March 2021, available upon request.

  Works carried out as part of recent refurbishment of Level 3 includes:
  • Return perimeter heating, chilled water pipework and displacement systems back to their original Ready to Fit open plan configuration.
  • Perimeter heating consists of new trench heaters, LPHW pipework and 2-port motorised valves serving each zone (4 zones).
  • Air displacement systems comprises new supply air ductwork extending out from each core and aluminium floor swirl diffusers within the raised access floor.
  How is the displacement system controlled in each zone of the floor?
  • All air ventilation system that provides cooling and ventilation is served by four air handling units at roof level.
  • These feed dedicated supply and return air ductwork within each core riser.
  • The supply air is discharged into the pressurised floor plenum and exits via adjustable swirl diffusers.
  • The distribution of air from each air handling unit is split by floor void barriers.
  • Space heating is via a perimeter heating system, fed from flow and return LPHW pipework distributed in the floor void to each trench heater.
  Design Criteria:
  • Internal Winter Condition: 20 oC +/- 2 oC.
  • Internal Summer Condition: 24 oC +/- 2 oC.
  System Hours of Operation (core hours)
  • 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday exc. bank holidays
  Control (BMS)
  • The building wide Heating Cooling + Ventilation system is controlled by a central BMS (Trend 963) with head end located within the Landlord’s Area.
  • This regulates the thermal comfort levels on each floor automatically, responding to changes in outside ambient and on floor temperatures.
  • A single space temperature sensor is provided to each zone of perimeter heating.
  • The Trench heater branch valves are modulated via a PI control loop from the BMS to maintain the space temperature set point.
  • The perimeter LPHW valves are enabled when the temperature drops below the designated floor area temperature set point and also in an Optimizer Heating Boost condition, Frost condition and during a Valve Exercise routine.

  Small Power rate per m 2
  • Small Power (BCO) 2019 is 20W/m 2
  • Lighting (BCO) 2019 is 8W/m 2
  • Spare capacity on the floor is 5W/m 2 small power and 7W/m 2 lighting.
  Mechanical Services rate per m 2
  • BCO 2019 is 5W/m 2

  Lighting to the open plan office floor comprises LED 45 Lichtkanal recessed fittings supplied by Fagerhult.
Lighting control is using the Fagerhult “Organic Response Technologies” system with each linear run incorporating a control node which houses motion, infra-red, and BLE sensor.
The system provides daylighting and movement sensing, with local control available via. the sesame app.
The system provides daylighting and movement sensing, with local control available via. the sesame app.
Lux Level are 300-500 lux at desk level. Emergency lighting when operated will provide 0.5 lux.

  L3 Office
  • Perimeter walls: painted plaster - white RAL 9003.
  • Ceilings: painted plaster - white RAL 9003.
  • Perimeter includes full height glazing with blinds to the building exterior.
  L3 Toilet
  • Wall and floor tiles: Domus EME Range.
  • Perimeter walls: green paint RAL 6028.
  • Ceilings: painted plaster - white RAL 9003.
  • Walnut fluted panel.

  The building is set out principally on a 7.5m x 7.5m and 7.5m x 6m grid.

  Typical floor loading is 5 kN/m 2 (4.0+1.0 partitions) Live load.
  Superimposed dead 1.0 kN/m 2 (raised floor and services).

  Floor to ceiling height is 2,835mm.
  Existing raised floor has an overall build-up of 445mm, tile thickness is 35mm, service void is 415mm.

  Lift Speeds.
  • 1.6m/s
  • Metalwork PPC RAL 9005 30% gloss.
  • Walnut fluted panel.
  • Silver mirror panel safety backed.
  • Port 4 destination control (to complete Apr 2022).

  Ska gold certification.
  EPC rating B.

  The on-site team at Wells & More (45 Mortimer Street) includes:
  • Occupier Services Manager and FM resource (cleaning / maintenance);
  • Reception service during core office hours; and
  • 24-hour security.

  No. of cycle spaces
  • Two tier rack spaces: 30
  • U shaped stands: 8
  No. of lockers
  • Service Yard: 42
  • Male Area: 30
  • Female Area: 32
  No. of showers Male and Female
  • Male Area: 3
  • Female Area: 5